Monday, September 10, 2012

New Delhi!

I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We have been busy traveling and exploring. 

Saturday morning began with a surprising wake up at 6:30. What a good night sleep for jet lagged people. We walked to the Lodi Gardens from our hotel, which is a famous park in Dehli. It was the Lady Willingdon park, but after the Indians gained independence, they re-named it. On a rainy Saturday morning the park was very crowded with walkers, runners, and people doing yoga. It was a beautiful and peaceful place amongst such a loud city.

Dad doing his own yoga in the Lodi Gardens. 

More of Dad's own yoga. 

The Lodi Gardens. 

One of the yoga classes Dad was poorly imitating :). 

As I said, Friday we travelled to Old Dehli. Satuday we took a tour around New Dehli, which is what the British built before India gained independence. It is more green (trees, grass) and more clean.It was a busy day filled with seeing sites from 1100s to 1948. A tour guide took us around in a car to major sights such as... 

Qutub Minar- a prayer site and university. The construction commenced in 1192. The tower (or minaret) is 238 feet tall. 

More of Qutab Minar. So ancient. 

Humayun's tomb- built in the 1560s, it set a standard for all the Mughul monuments and tombs (such as the Taj Mahal). The Mughal Empire ruled India from the 1520s - 1750s. 

The Presidential Palace

These buildings go on for blocks. The Prime Minister, Congress, Senate etc. all work here. 

Ghandi's memorial site. 

Ghandi's death site

Dad standing in front of where Ghandi was assassinated. 

That night we went to dinner in Connaught Place, which is Dehli's largest commercial place. It is a huge mall and it was sure a happening place. 

Our meal, almost gone. 

Connaught Place went on for blocks and blocks and blocks. 

Keep smiling, 

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