Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want to Smile?

As Hurricane Sandy ravages the northeast, I thought I would write down a few things that make me smile and hopefully make you smile as well…

1. Golf shoes

For those of you who do not know me, I love everything that has to do golf. Whether I am playing golf, watching golf, teaching golf, I am totally in love with the sport. The other day I walked into an athletic store in Fancy Bazaar, and found a nice pair of golf shoes. I squealed! (And the workers looked at me like I was crazy.) I was so happy that I almost bought them. It is the first thing related to golf that I have seen.

A couple blocks down the street from my apartment is a Chicken and Waffle restaurant. Unfortunately, it is not open for breakfast but they are open for dinner. Their waffles are really really delicious! You can get the waffles with anything on them (meat, chicken, anything), but I stick with the plain waffle and maple syrup. Although it is never crowded (I do not think waffles mix well with Indian palettes), it is a great treat for me. The owners are two women who are quite clever. There are comic strips about food, music, and other cute additions all around the restaurant.

The restaurant next to the waffle restaurant 

3. Guwahati sunsets

Guwahati (along with the Operation Smile center) is located on the Brahmaputra River. While at work, I sometimes look outside of the hospital and see beautiful sunsets. Here are a few pictures…

Not a sunset, but a beautiful view on my morning run. The fishing boats coming in from a busy morning. 

The other day, I went to a water park outside of Guwahati. I was quite skeptical of what this water park would be like but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it $2 (the water park in Nashville, Nashville Shores, costs $31.99 for one person), but the water and facilities were clean and well kept. It was so nice that I did not feel like I was in Guwahati. I have no idea what it is doing in Guwahati or who had this idea, but I will be definitely be going back. I was like a little kid in the wave pool and on the scary water slides. They also had small amusement park rides and there were no lines at all. Just a reminder, nobody wears bathing suits here as that is not part of the culture. So, I wore leggings and t-shirt. There are women swimming in traditional Indian clothing such as saris and salwares. It is hard not to laugh. 
Accoland entrance! 

Pirate Land

5. Bob Dylan Tribute

The other day, I went to a Bob Dylan tribute with my friends. The singers really did sound like Bob Dylan and everybody in the crowd knew every word to every song. I could not get past the fact that I was at a Bob Dylan tribute in Guwahati.  

Supposedly, this singer wears this outfit to every concert that he is performing.

The second singer rocking out to Bob Dylan. 
6. Election Time

The U.S. State department sends me e-mails when I should be warned about something happening in India, such as riots, etc. The other day, I got an e-mail that said the U.S. Embassy is having an election breakfast. Although I will not be in Delhi (I sure wish I was for this event), it is still fun to think about going. I thought it was worth sharing so that people know what others do around the world in celebration of this presidential election. The e-mail is below! 

I will instead be attending my "Presidential Election Skype Session Breakfast/Dinner in Guwahati and Nashville.” I am planning to skype with my family (early in the morning for me) and watch the election through my computer.

Double click this to make the photo larger and more clear. 

Thinking about all of those affected by the hurricane in the North East and I hope everyone is safe….

Sending Smiles and happy thoughts from India,

P.S. If you have a Facebook, please like the Pratyasha Foundation, which is the organization that helps the Lakhtokia slum! This way, you can be updated on our monthly projects.  

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